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Project Description

This project is created for delivering C# examples to manage Word documents produced by DocX as well as MS Word. Most features are not supported by DocX itself, so we build this sample package to perform much more operations, such as conversion from DocX file to Image, PDF, RTF, TXT, mail merge, formfield and etc.

As a standalone Word API, it enables programmers to create, read, write, print and convert Word files which were generated by DocX without the dependence of MS Automation.

Functions Performed in Examples
  • Convert Word to RTF
  • Convert Word to PDF
  • Convert Word to Image
  • Convert Word to TXT
  • Convert .docx to .doc
  • Insert watermark
  • Insert subscript and superscript
  • Remove macros
  • Insert footnote
  • Insert endnote
  • Set highlight
  • Encrypt the word document
  • Insert comment
  • Page setup
  • View mode
  • Simple mail merge
  • Mail merge event handler
  • Nested mail merge
  • Create form field
  • Fill form field


This project is sponsored by E-iceblue. Spire.Doc offered by E-iceblue, which is a totally free Word component for commercial and personal use, has been utilized for processing DocX documents.

Feedback and Support

Any question, bug report, comment and feedback are welcomed. You can leave them directly or contact us by e-mail (

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